Hydrangea Festival 6/10

Come see the hydrangea plants in full bloom during the Hydrangea Festival! WHEN: Sun, June 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. *You can view the 20,000 hydrangea plants anytime during the month of June. Entry is free, although a small donation is appreciated. WHERE: Nichiun-ji Temple ADDRESS: Minamiboso City, Kamo 2124

6 Must-see Spots in Southern Chiba

If you're visiting the southern peninsula and aren't sure where to go, here are the top 6 sights to see during your visit! The list includes the cities of Minamiboso, Tateyama, Kamogawa, and Kyonan Town. The View of Hell at Mt. Nokogiri, "Saw-tooth Mountain" KYONAN TOWN - Peer down into hell from the overhang infamously... Continue Reading →

Mt. Nokogiri

Mt. Nokogiri ("Saw-tooth Mountain") 鋸山 Named after it's saw-like shape, this mountain is a hiker's paradise. But whether you like to walk or not, it's worth the trek up so many stairs to see the sights and have a bird's-eye view of the ocean. Main attractions are: Hyaku-shaku Kannon (百尺観音), Nihon-ji Temple Buddha (日本寺大仏), View... Continue Reading →

Onuki Trail

Onuki Trail 大貫の古道 The Onuki Trail (literally "old roads of Onuki") is a hiking path in Chikura centered around the beautiful Komatsu-ji Temple. The trail is a little rough in terms of maintenance, but that just makes it feel like a real adventure. The Trail: First, park at Komatsu-ji Temple and enjoy the scenery. Komatsu-ji... Continue Reading →

Mt. Takatsukayama

Mt. Takatsukayama 高塚山 Takatsukayama in Chikura is a small mountain with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. There's also a temple to enjoy at the summit. Do: Climb about halfway up for the first lookout, then to the summit. The climb has a lot of stairs, but the relatively short length of the trail... Continue Reading →

Shirahama Jouyama

Shirahama Jouyama 白浜城山 Jouyama is a very small mountain in Shirahama with two viewing platforms that look out over the Nojimazaki cape. The trail is quite short and easy to hike, but provides some beautiful scenery: from mountain passes, to outlook points, to tree-covered cliffs. The Path: There are several possible entrances, but the easiest... Continue Reading →

Reclining Buddha Statue

Jorakuzan Mantoku Temple 女楽山満徳寺 Photos by Amy Conley © Statues showing Buddha lying down, a pose that symbolizes reaching Nirvana, appear throughout Asia but are rare in Japan. This particular statue, built in 1982 on a hilltop in southern Tateyama, is among the largest of its kind. Regardless of its young age, this 16-meter, 30-ton... Continue Reading →

Nichiun-ji Temple

Nichiun-ji Temple 日運寺 DO: In mid to late June, 20,000 hydrangeas come to bloom in gradients of deep purple to pink at Nichiun-ji. Though somewhat steep, take a walk throughout the vast grounds that are filled with nature, enshrinements, and great views of the countryside. The red main gates were built in 1726, but the history... Continue Reading →

Daifuku-ji Temple: Gake no Kannon

Daifuku-ji Temple: Gake no Kannon 大福寺:崖の観音 DO: See the amazing view of and from this temple built right into the slope of a cliff. Daifuku-ji is better known as “Gake Kannon” (goddess of mercy of the cliff) amongst locals. The red structure jutting out from the rocks overlooks parts of Tateyama City and Tateyama Bay.... Continue Reading →

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