Beach Swim Dates (Summer ’18)

[The below information is an excerpt of and translated from an Iitokodori website article here.]   [The information was last updated on Aug. 12, 2018.] Conditions for beach swimming areas in Minamiboso City: ((Iwai region beach swim areas))      [Dates open]     Sat. July 21 - Mon. Aug., 20 Iwai number 1 (岩井第一) Swimming: OK   Temp:... Continue Reading →

Hasshuuken Ramen

Hasshuuken (Ramen Restaurant) 八洲軒 A small but delicious Chinese restaurant with a variety of ramen, yakisoba, and other set dishes. I got the chaashuu ramen (comes with roasted pork) as shown in the picture. The pork melted in my mouth and overall it was delicious! It's also very accessible by car, train, or bus. It's... Continue Reading →

Taibusa-Misaki Nature Park 大房岬自然公園 Taibusa-misaki is a cape in Tomiura, just north of Tateyama Bay. Because of its beautiful nature, Taibusa has a park, a camp where kids can experience nature, and the swanky Tomiura Royal Hotel. It has also been named a 'Forest Therapy Road,' meaning it is a key place to visit to... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking イチゴ狩り DO: There are many, many facilities that offer strawberry picking in Minamiboso City and Tateyama City. Japanese strawberries are grown with great care, which shows in their perfect shape, juicy taste, and fragrant smell. Eat them at their ripest by paying for a 30 minute all-you-can-eat strawberry picking session. It makes for... Continue Reading →


Fukkian 福喜庵 HIGHLIGHT: This restaurant attached to a small Japanese-style inn specializes in fresh local fish that it gets straight from the nearby fishing ports around Minamiboso. Of course, they also cook local traditional dishes, such as namero minced raw fish and whale meat cooked with ginger. Though selection may vary based on the catch,... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Tomiura Biwa Club

Roadside Station: Tomiura Biwa Club 道の駅 とみうら枇杷倶楽部 HIGHLIGHT: This was one of the first and most prominent Roadside Stations in Chiba, winning Best Roadside Station in Japan in 2000. The Tomiura Area is known for its large biwa or loquat, so be sure to try some biwa ice cream, juice or tea --- even biwa curry. Afterwards,... Continue Reading →


Manga 万賀 HIGHLIGHT: A bakery and traditional Japanese sweets shop that offers both savory and sweet goods. Grab a quick bite on the go. All bread is baked fresh daily! RECOMMENDED: Their popular "cream bread" is filled with custard cream and covered with a layer of almond cream before baking. HOURS: (Thurs-Tues) 9:00am~7:00pm Closed Wednesdays... Continue Reading →

Beach Resorts (Minamiboso City)

Beach Resorts 海水浴場 DO: Various beaches all around Minamiboso City are designated during the summer season as "beach resort" areas, all equipped with bathrooms and parking space. Most also have showers, lockers, and beach houses (umi no ie) that offer snacks and drinks right on the beach. Choose whether you want to ride the large waves of... Continue Reading →

Hokkezaki Walkway

Hokkezaki Walkway 法華崎遊歩道   DO: Take a leisurely walk along the bay and take in the view, which is especially nice at sunset. The waves break right at your feet! Address: Tomiuracho Toyooka, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture 299-2402, Japan Parking: I couldn't find a parking lot, so I just parked my car along the cement road that... Continue Reading →

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