Biwa (Loquat) Season

Growing biwa  (loquat) spotted in Tomiyama, Minamiboso! The prime time for biwa picking is between late May and the middle of June. While those in the photo aren't yet ripe, many are plump and ready to eat all over the city! See below for details on where and when to go biwa picking. BIWA PICKING... Continue Reading →

Takayama Seika

Takayama Seika 高山製菓   HIGHLIGHT: This is a small confections shop that fuses traditional Japanese sweets with Western ingredients. Their specialty is the “nama-cream daifuku,” a soft and chewy mochi rice cake that’s wrapped around a combination of whipped cream and red bean paste. It comes in over 10 flavors, some seasonal. Meanwhile, their smooth flan comes... Continue Reading →

Mikan Orange Picking

Mikan Orange Picking みかん狩り DO: In the fall and winter of Minamiboso, the hills are covered in orange-dotted trees bearing sweet mandarin oranges! These small fruits with easy-to-peel skin are a staple of Japanese winters, likely because the vitamin C wards off all those pesky colds (and they taste good). Pay the entry fee at... Continue Reading →

Kisoba: Kawana

Kisoba: Kawana 生そばかわな HIGHLIGHT: This homely little hole-in-the-wall offers cheap but delicious eats. Their vegetable tempura makes for a hearty meal, as a variety of locally grown fresh vegetables are placed alongside your buckwheat noodles. RECOMMENDED: Favored for take-out during lunch, this place is great for a quick meal. HOURS: (lunch) 11:45~3:00 (dinner) 5:30~9:30 Closed... Continue Reading →

Kondo Farm

Kondo Farm 近藤牧場 HIGHLIGHT: Located in the Roadside Station Furari Tomiyama and on the 2nd floor, the Kondo Farm shop offers soft-serve ice cream, fresh cheese, and other dairy products straight from their pastures near by. Many items are available for take-out to eat immediately or to take home as ingredients for your own special dish. RECOMMENDED:... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama 道の駅 富楽里とみやま HIGHLIGHT: Conveniently located right off the highway and also doubling as a highway bus stop, this roadside station has much to offer. If you're making a quick stop, be sure to check out the deals at their fresh produce, flowers, and fish area downstairs. If you have a bit more time,... Continue Reading →

Beach Resorts (Minamiboso City)

Beach Resorts 海水浴場 DO: Various beaches all around Minamiboso City are designated during the summer season as "beach resort" areas, all equipped with bathrooms and parking space. Most also have showers, lockers, and beach houses (umi no ie) that offer snacks and drinks right on the beach. Choose whether you want to ride the large waves of... Continue Reading →

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