Seasonal Guide to Fruit-Picking & More

Japan takes special pride in its seasonal foods. Picking your own fruit (or vegetables, nuts, etc.) is very popular in country areas like Minamiboso. After all, you can't get fresher than fruit straight from the vine! This post lists popular fruits and more in Chiba Prefecture and their picking season. Check out the PDF for... Continue Reading →

What’s in Season? Calendar Guide

Japan is all about eating fresh and in season. Produce and other food items in grocery stores change depending on the time of year. Want nabe (hot pot) in summer? Good luck finding broth in the store. While inconvenient if you're used to having all types of food all year round, eating in season is... Continue Reading →

Farming Residence Restaurant: Jiroemu

Farming Residence Restaurant: Jiroemu 百姓屋敷じろえむ HIGHLIGHT: Admire the 300 year old architecture that is this old farming family residence passed down through generations, now converted into a restaurant. True to their roots, the owner family grows their own organic vegetables, organic rice, and even collects eggs from their own free-range organic chickens. There’s no flourish... Continue Reading →

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